Layer won't disappear!!


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Hi!! I'm trying to make so that when you collide with the bed and hit Enter, it shows a message.
While showing the layer upon collision and hitting enter works, I can't make it go away! Please help!
(My behaviour blocks are attached to this post)


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You wrapped your whole block inside a condition that says "if the game is not paused" or inside of it, you test if the game is paused ? You will never get inside your second block...

You must move it below as an "otherwise if" of your first if "not game is paused" and you can also clean your condition by only put  the "action is pressed" block or even if to make it cleaner, make a first if "action is pressed" and inside "if game is paused otherwise"


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You won't be able to "hit the bed" if your game is paused, that's why you never attain the "otherwise if condition". You must this code elsewhere ( in a always event, an unpause event, a key was pressed event)