Indie game dev is dying, isn't it?


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I disagree. Ever since I became an indie myself, I tend to play solely indie games. I don't even like looking at AAA titles anymore.


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It's good.
i'm not playing myself even on mobile games, do not have time.
Just interesting, because i see too many posts about death of indie now


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I also definitely disagree, this year we've had games like Her Story and Beginner's Guide do some completely original and innovative stuff with storytelling; Downwell with its perfectly crafted minimalist twists on some classic mechanics; Shovel Knight has shown enough continuing success to get a physical, retail release on pretty much every system available, (and the excellent Plague Knight campaign); and we have Undertale, which has nearly universally been proclaimed some of the best writing the medium has ever seen.

And those are just some of the bigger and well-known successes I can think of off the top of my head, there are a bunch of smaller, lower-profile games that have done quite well for themselves.
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I'd say flash game development is declining.


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I was a web developer for 9 years and most of that time people were saying "SEO is dying" (search engine optimisation). It wasn't, it was just constantly evolving.

Perhaps the same is true for indie game dev. I don't know any stats on number of releases or anything, but I've played more indie games than ever this year :)
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There are just more and more indie games coming out. The failure rate increases accordingly.