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Doors now work, they're sprites on a different layer than the maps, and they switch to an open state upon collision with any object that has collision. There is also small space behind it for a loading zone.


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Thanks, Irock! Support is always a happy sight.  :)

Here's a rough logo of the game. It was hand-drawn, digitized, and scaled down to look right. Not as clean as a sprite-based one, but it works so far.


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Another update. This time, a new update to the play-able game. Screen size is not scaled to be less distracting to the forum and for performance.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Note: The font has an issue when displayed on the top text box. I think this is an issue with Flash, as it looks fine on when tested on the Trial Mode Windows test, or whatever the export with the watermark on the top-left is called.


-Actors now save their location and last animation when going through a non-loading zone menu swap via a complex script with rather crazy text inside text management. This is so things look semi consistent after some events, like going to menus.

-Pause menu has been done, not all options are there.

-New scene. One I showed earlier.

-Minor fade out on a scene load, this is so you don't see all the actors "load" on the first frame they're moved again.

-Indicator that you're able to move to the next text box has been added.

Also, source for the actor respawning code is in the attachment below. It's pretty complex. Also, ignore the typo, bad at naming variables. Also "Room" is a debug variable. Ignore that.

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This is mostly improvements for the follower scripts.

-A major bug was fixed where followers would break sync if they moved down a slope for too long.

-Minor bug related to upwards wall collision was fixed, where they would get stuck in their left/right animations, and would clip inside the player when walking upwards on a wall. This was minor and didn't really have affect in the game.

-Animation handling was redone. So it looks less glitched when moving on a corner. As they would instantly change their animation to up and left on every frame.

-A corner and diamond shape was added on the left of the map for collision testing reasons.


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Another update!

Options menu was made a tad better. Movement keys can be used instead of the mouse, now. Need opinions on it.

-Minor fixes to new following scripts were added to reduce bugs, as I fixed the broken ability for the follower ending up on the top-right of the player on minor scene swaps.

-Pause menu now doesn't have the bug where it breaks when opened too quickly after a scene swap.


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Options menu was looking a tad too messy, so I redid the layout. Not everything is done, though.


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Another (Minor) update.

Made the background on the options menu clash less.

Added some cheap sounds I made in a couple seconds in Audacity, mostly menu stuff.

Fixed follower layering bug where they'd mis-layer with NPCs.


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Finalized logo. I really like it.


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Just popping in to say good work! Just read through the whole journal, and it is great to see all the progress you have made! I'll be watching for more updates!
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Haven't been feeling well, so I sorta have been on a break with making stuff. Just got back on board with a thing about aspect ratio. 16:9, or 4:3?

EDIT: Or I can have this much larger 16:9, which is a tad too big.

I feel the game is more cramped at the 1st example of 16:9, but some might prefer it, since it feels less awkward to play when you're used to it.

EDIT 2: A ratio of 3:2 (GBA ratio) doesn't look bad, either.

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Update! (Hope you didn't think the game was dead)

Since I'm sorta lazy to make gifs, nor do I want to update the game itself, I'll describe what I did:

  • Followers now use a position-list based formula to follow. This provides smoother movement, and prevents them from getting stuck in places players cannot move to
  • Text speeds were slowed down, this is so text slowdown, to simulate speech, is actually visible.
  • Some minor animation fixes on the Girl following character, she also has a minor change to her downwards corner sprites, so she looks more consistent.
  • The game is now in 3:2. People will hate it, yes? But I felt it to look a tad better than a square of 4:3. Text boxes have not been adjusted for 3:2. But were centered, instead. Some scenes have changed to fit the 3:2
  • All text lines now start with "*", rather than "-". This is to make it easier on the eyes.
  • Moving characters now have shadow sprites under them, they're also in a semi-alpha state, so they blend in a bit.
  • Clouds on title screen were made to stand out less, as the cloud count was reduced. Another option was added due to larger screen space.

I also found some bugs, these will be fixed later:

  • If you have the follower speak on command, then mash the talk button to the NPC, One line of text is skipped, the box closes, and then it opens and goes as normal
  • Text goes nuts if you use the follower speaking, then walk and speak to a off-screen NPC. Only happens on one box, then goes to normal.

To do:

  • Add a scene transition, rather than fade-outs.
  • Some more animation fixes, tweaks.
  • More menu polish, fix up controller setup screen
  • Add other characters.

Story Progress - 70% done outline. 0% Text and writing finalization.

Audio percent - One track done.


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Minor update.

Fixed a horrible bug where the player's movement speed variable is render as null for one frame, causing a crash if you move during this frame. Fixed by delaying the ability to move for a tiny bit.


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Added text for analyzing in-scene objects. These use a special flag to use a different text box to hide the character's name.


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Changed up text speeds and whatnot, this should look a bit more natural to read?

Anyhow, fixed the bug on the picture I showed before. It was a minor bool-related fix. Caused the text to go super fast, messing up the alignment.