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Ladder testing. Doubt much will appear in-game. But who knows? Helper character can babble on command while using the ladder if needed, this might be cut, though.


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If enabled under the NPCs behavior, they can look at the player when they move around. Quickly made this while bugtesting and fixing stuff.


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Better rotation animation on the NPC.


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Game is not abandoned, happily.

Some new stuff include:

- More punch to ladder climbing.

-Enhanced follower pathfinding, as they have far less issues than before.

-Some writing has been done, but I'm not spoiling anything. Concept art will be shown once I'm done writing.


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Rotation animation is nice, are you doing the sprites yourself?


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I indeed am.

I use MS Paint to make rough sprites, and use GIMP to fix it up.  Going layer by layer to see how issues can be fixed.


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Another update, after a long while of uh..... nothing. Going to try try to update consistently for now on.


-Following characters pathfinding is pretty much final. I really have no intents to update it at all, as it seems to work fine, now. (Ladders MAY be edited up, though)

-Some minor touch ups to animations, nothing major, but eh.

-The inventory screen has started development, you can load up the menu and such, but nothing has been made intractable, yet.

-Various map objects are now going to be intractable, some have been started to be working on.

-Game's rough story outline is almost done, major writing will be finalized soon.

-(Not shown) Title screen has been removed to fit the game's logo in with the introduction animation. Due to this, the file select will be merged with  before -gameplay options and other features.

Due to being in 3:2, now. I have to change the game host link (Stencyl will ignore aspect ratio/scale changes when you update a arcade hosted game), so here you go.


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Looking pretty cool so far!


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Possible Battle menu mockup it's pretty complex (and ugly) for now, so I might as well explain what's happening:

Left box

  • Just character health and levels and such. Text highlighted in yellow-orange is who's turn it is/who's option you're selecting. A blown up picture of their overworld downwards standing sprite will appear in the center when they do to aid you visually

Middle box

  • Attack = Attack from the various moves you have. Some cost AP (Attack Points) which all characters share a single, large pool of.
  • Items = Chooses items, of course.
  • Defend = Turn is canceled out for half damage on the next hit
  • Focus = Similar to defend, but the next attack will have 1.5 times the original damage, cannot be stacked.
  • Special = Character only actions that are specific to them.
  • Flee = Run battle.

Right box

  • Slots are randomly selected battle gimmicks that apply each battle. The first one is always party based, second is enemy based, and third is item based. They're chosen by a pool based by the enemies you fight. And unfair combos (double enemy HP and half damage and such) are not possible, as it'll know from the last selected roll if it's unfair. (icons are placeholders, hence the P)

*General notes.

There's a maximum of three party members a battle, you'll be able to chose who in the party menu. Since you can have more than three.

Backgrounds (this one is a placeholder) are dependent of the area you fought them, and will mostly be generic backgrounds. Forest, Streets, and whatnot.

A GUI redo is needed, though.


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Final battle menu revision before I throw this design out. As the GUI feels too confusing for me, and it would be worse for ones who played for the 1st time.

UPDATE: Redid GUI. Looks far less crowded, now.

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Enemy stuff testing. Everything here is pretty much in a VERY rough state (overworld enemies don't have walking animations other than left/right, transition is temporarily, and the enemy AI is pretty much "point at player direction, then move to it" with no real sense of logic and pathfinding. Also, note that I was able to move on the map transition, which is not intended)

Each enemy will have it's own encounter group inside it. (so when you fight a single chicken/whatever. Other enemies might be in there). Mostly to speed up the encounter animations. As with enemies themselves, they will have different movement speed and AI types depending on what they are.

When you're overleveled (when you're strong enough to eliminate the leader in a single turn), enemies will just stare at you, as you can "speak" to them to battle them, as in-battle, they'll just run away in fear on their turn.

Haven't worked on re-designing battle menu, as the text "NOT DONE" is there for placeholder reasons, like always.


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Since OBS is being worthless trash (It kept rendering videos as black 3 second trash unless I compressed it), gifs now look horrible, and I'm so angry, that this might be my last gif of the game unless I know how to fix it.

Anyhow, got he enemy AI and such touched up. The most basic AI will do the following:

-Wander around the premises, and then chase the player if they get close

-Return to their main point if they get too far.

-They will always move the other way if they collide with a wall while randomly wandering.


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  • Focus = Similar to defend, but the next attack will have 1.5 times the original damage, cannot be stacked.
i never understood this one in games.. wouldn't attacking 2 times instead of focus, hit for 2x not 1.5x


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i never understood this one in games.. wouldn't attacking 2 times instead of focus, hit for 2x not 1.5x

Balance reasons. 2X can be a tad too high and unbalanced when it comes to game stats.

Anyhow, updated the game recently.

-Touched up menus, so they don't look weird and out-of-place as much as before. They're now also animated.

-Patched glitch when doing a frame perfect execution of going onto a ladder, and pausing at the same time. This caused the pause menu to appear glitched until pausing again.

-Enemy AI has been added, I didn't add the ability to switch to battles due to it's glitchy state. But it's FAR different (if not, more simple) than what I showed in the gif above. Just to reduce bugs and such.

-Chicken enemy has been added, here's a sprite sheet. Came out far nicer than I expected with such a small sprite size.

-Added collision debug can be enabled by pressing Page Up. Just shows some stuff related to how the game works.

-Minor text, and menu box overlapping fixes.

-Text box graphics enhanced to match the updated pause menu GUI.

-Added variable text on NPCs based on context.

-Various sprite updates.

-Undocumented feature that I might as well add. Pressing O causes the game's speed to change. (This is to test frame-perfect tricks)

-Impossible on Flash, but the controls now auto-detect if a X-input device has been used, and it has a pre-set controller style that can be used. Has not been tested on 360, but XBone. Controls are:

* Left Stick/D-pad - move

* Right stick/ABXY and Start/L1 and L2 and L3 - Main actions.

This control style allows you to play with only the two controller sticks, making it quite a fast control style if your fingers are always griped to the sticks. You could also play with one hand using the D-pad and the 2 L triggers and the thumbstick button if you're in that mood.

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Wow, I haven't updated this thread.

Anyhow, I've started a to-do list with some changes that I'll need to do.

Options menu:
  • Add option menu pages to add some more options.
  • Add a GUI position feature (Top, down, dynamic)
  • Move the gamepad setup menu to it's own menu
  • Add the "quick battle" option (Speeds up in-game battle stuff by reducing reading needs and non-interactive time)
  • Add an option to restart the controls to it's default settings
  • Add keybinds
  • Fix issue where follower still does climbing animation when the player is stuck moving on ladder (Fixed)
  • Customize able NPC animations
  • Go overboard and add some idle animations to all playable characters/followers on all all 8 directions
  • Allow text to be customize able when a NPC is talked to multiple times
  • Allow NPCs to walk in the same manner as enemies
  • Fix bugged NPC look mechanic
  • Start working on making other menus interactive
Game logic:

  • Add lists to store items, enemy encounter data, and player/party data
  • Add saving, and how to save (Saving is now in the game's pause GUI as an option. In fact, it looks better due to less empty space)

As you can tell, it's quite a large list. And it'll slowly get larger and larger.