Anyone want to collaborate?


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I'm a artist who is creating a game which I've titled "Mochi Universe". In Mochi Universe, you are a mochi who has just been stranded on a island with your fellow mochi's. You must learn to survive and thrive, and discover mysteries about your island. You might even encounter native mochi's on your island, some friendly and others not so. You eventually can get to the point where you are building a civilation; a new nation of your own. So much more will happen in this game, but I won't spoil it for now.  I'll get to the point:

I stink at like making the game itself. It confuses me, even with the tutorial I get confused. I can totally draw and stuff no problem. However creating animations and movement is difficult. I need someone who will collaborate with me on my game. I will draw the characters and frames and actions etc. You make the game a game by using the sites program.

If you'd like to my art work here it is: