Video Creation Tools - Suggestions?


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I'm close to finishing my game, and am now looking at video creation.

I can capture game video from the PC using Open Broadcast Software..
Once that's done, i'd like to create a video compilation of scenes.

Multiple game play shots in one scene, like 4 videos in one, different sizes, maybe even moving around.
Text display on the screen detailing features etc.
and of course music, maybe even have the video change using the beat of the music..

I'm not sure if there is any free software that would accomplish what I'm after, but I would like some of your suggestions on what you recommend or use?



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It's still early for cross-platform support for the software, but you could try
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If you're up for a little learning curve, the best option is DaVinci Resolve 12 (

Actually, if you're up for a lot of learning curve. I do editing professionally, and what you're describing is a little advanced. Resolve 12 is entirely free and is full fledged editing and grading software.  The editing features are new, but most films you've seen in recent years have been color corrected using Resolve.

Sorry if this response is both late and random - I'm working on an interactive film project and was trying to see if I could use Stencyl to put it all together. I'm around if you have any questions about editing your project.

Now off to see I can figure this out...


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Many Thanks..

I have downloaded it, but not started using it yet, my finishing touches to the game are taking a bit longer than i had hoped.. So will be another week before i start using it..

I did try Lightworks for 30mins, managed to get picture in picture working and pictures moving about, but the interface is hard to use..