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I'm not criticizing you for liking the game, but what exactly is so appealing about this series? I mean I've played some of them before and I can't quite get what is so "fun" about them. Looks nice though.

Back when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was making such a big splash because of its adult themes and whatnot, I thought about buying it, but I never got around to it. Fast forward a year or so, and my wife buys me the game for Christmas or my birthday. I pop the disc in, hit play, and it's almost a religious experience.

I'm not much of a gamer, and I hadn't really kept up with the way games were evolving. For me, Vice City was simply mind-blowing. The voice cast reads like an Oscars invite list, the cars are actually different from one another in more than just appearance, different NPCs behave in different ways, the main missions are fun and actually advance the story, and there is a seemingly endless supply of side work if you need a break from the main story. The environment interacts with you! Car horns don't honk randomly, they honk because you're in the way! The neighborhoods are distinct, with unique architecture, people, and environments. You can drive a boat. You can fly a helicopter! If you're not in the mood for missions and goals, you can simply drive around, watching the non-player characters interact with one another; you can find hidden corners of the city to explore; you can take your motorcycle for a ride.

The real clincher, though, was the radio stations. I loved the soundtrack, I loved the fake commercials, and I loved the talk radio parodies. It's awesome rolling through Little Haiti with Ghetto Life blasting through the windows of my current ride.

The point is, the game has personality. I don't know about current games, but there was simply nothing else like Vice City when it came out. It was so immersive, it was like transporting yourself into a gangster film you could control.

In my entire life, there have been only a handful of games I have bothered to play all the way through (not counting old Nintendo games and arcade games you could finish in a sitting), and even fewer that I felt compelled to play through more than once. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is on that list.