Stencyl Newbie Graphics/Assets Question


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I'd like to start creating some graphics and game assets for use within Stencyl on both iOS/Android (preferably iOS) and had a couple of questions regarding format, assuming I'll be creating for iOS to start:

  • Is there a resolution that is preferred?
  • Are graphics designed for within Stencyl typically pixel or vector? Is there a preference?
  • Should images/assets be added as PNG? JPG?
  • 72 or 300 DPI?

Is there anything that is pertinent to a UI designer making graphics for the first time for Stencyl should know? Thanks for any assistance and alleviating some wasted time!

Edit:  Just a side note. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to make graphics, but can graphics made within Blender or Cinema 4D be used as well?


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- It depends on the device you are targeting/ the style/ the art direction. There is no strict set of rules for what resolution is preferred. (If you are doing Pixel Art creating the assets on a smaller resolution might be better and less hassle. I'm not doing a Pixel Art. So I do all my art master-copy on a 2560*1440 as the base canvas. Not for individual asset, but more as a guide for the Screen area . Any bigger than that, I find it useless, even if the game runs on a 4K display, unless you view it on a 40+ inch 4K monitor. )

- Within Stencyl? You mean using Pencyl? Or you mean the editor? Pixel. No vector handling in Stencyl.

- Stencyl mainly accepts PNG. But you can import jpg and gif. But if I'm not mistaken anything that is not PNG will be auto converted into PNG later. (It can also load swf.)

- DPI only matters in printing. What matters for viewing on a display is the pixels, the resolution of your assets.

- Whatever software you use to make the graphics don't matter. The graphics can be used as long as it is saved/rendered to a format that Stencyl can read (Look back at point no 3).


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Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. I guess I'll just dive in and see what I come up with. Definitely wanting to create pixel art. I'm a big fan of the SNES game "Earthbound" (attached), and would love to create a game or style with that being the inspiration.

Thanks again.