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I am looking for a small team of developers, programmers, artists and anything else you have to offer. I will be planning on shipping the game on to steam. This will be paid work as well as shared revenue. As of right now I do not know the amount I will pay per person.
I'm looking for people, people who want to do something that never got the chance to because they feel like they have limitations. I will not be bias on your education, your total experience, or anything of that sort, everyone should be able to get a chance. This does not mean I will choose anyone, I will choose who fits the best with the team.

What genre of game will it be?
The game will be a story based side scroller with RPG aspects. The game will have a real time combat, character progression, boss battles, branching character story, and much more.

Will need to be able to make:
- Character progression with an EXP system
- Skills system
- Inventory management
- Save and  loads
- Cut scenes
- Bosses battles
Anything else will be much appreciated

Will need to be able to make:
- Character attack animations
- Character skill animations
- Character cut scene expressions
- Tile sets
- Boss animations
- Projectiles
- Backgrounds
- Small miscellaneous background objects
I am not expecting one person to be able to all of this.

Game Developer
Will need to be able to:
- Work with everyone to get things into place
- Level design
- Have advanced knowledge of how stencyl works
- Work with me most of the time
You must have basic knowledge of all the above.

Anything else will be considered

Please send your resume and portfolio at

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