Using two "for each actor of type" blocks inside each other


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I'm trying to say that only if every actor from BOTH actors of type "desmond1" and "Skin" have a current animation of "Bldes 1" and "Blank Skin" respectively then switch the animation of every actor from BOTH actor types to "desmond 1" and "Skin" respectively.
This isn't working in my game even though there comes a time when every actor of each actor type has a current animation of "Bldes 1" and "Blank Skin"
I have a feeling it has to do with the "for each actor of type" blocks, but I'm not sure!


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Stencyl cannot easily differentiate between the two different "actor of type" blocks, so all those references will refer to the inner actor. One easy way to work around this is to assign the actor of type in the outside look to a variable which you later reference rather than just using the "actor of type" block.