When Created 'Disable behavior " " for self' Not working on Android?


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I have a scene that when actors get in an exact location then as well as many other things a behavior is enabled. The actors are set to When Created 'Disable behavior "  " for self' and when the actors are in place to enable the behavior.

This works perfect in Flash but on Android the behavior is ran as soon as the actor is created even though it's set to disable when actor is created??? Is there another thing I'm missing you have to do to satisfy Android to prevent the behavior from just running itself?

This has me pulling my hair out..  :-[

Many Thanks



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Ok I found a work around..

In the behavior I set the action I wanted to complete as a custom event and then instead of enabling and disabling the behavior for the actor I added the block 'trigger event "...." in behavior "...." for actor'.

I still don't have an idea why I needed to do this to make it behave in Android when it is working fine in Flash but whatever, It's working now so I can plod on  :)

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