App Games Worth It? Ad revenue?


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How much does the average app game get for having ad banners? is it honestly worth it  or would i be better off just releasing the game with no ad's what so ever?


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My thoughts..

If you have established games that people have played before, and believe will buy your new game then have it as a paid app.

If you are releasing your first few apps, I would recommend ad supported with incentives to pay for in app purchase, with ad removal.
Some people will never buy an app, then you'll get some ad revenue
Some people hate ads, and may buy an in app product or consumable if ads are removed with that purchase
Just don't annoy people with ads. Its getting that fine balance. Some people will moan about an ad every 10 minutes, some will find ads every minute acceptable, as they know nothing is really free.

I think it will only come with experience and testing the market yourself, as games are all different, and different people play different games etc..

I'm close to releasing my first game, I have applied the above to my game, but I honestly don't know how it will do..


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Ah ok i will definatly take this into consideration :)!  Im honestly thinking about developing for Android and leave IOS for now, my reason for this is that the apple licence is a yearly subscription where as Android its a cheap one time purchase!


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Going solely for Android might be cheap option, but in my opinion it's also certain way to get disappointed. Apple is going through every app sent to them and they regularly put apps made by indie developers in spotlight. That means you got fair chance to get free publicity for your app and lot's of downloads. Just ask Colburt187, he has got few nice picks from apple and that's meant some nice cash from him.. Check his thread about revenues here..,41845.0.html    also you can check few other threads like wheelie 2 where he has give out revenue reports.. Also if you read carefully through Jussi's thread about his newest game, Super Dangerous Dungeons, you can see that he's not very delighted about income from Android side,45215.0.html

Main thing is that while apple time by time picks indie games in spotlight, Google won't ever do that.. That means that most indie games get lost in massive amount of other apps and games in google Play and won't get noticed by users.. And that means that you won't get any income.. Anyway you need thousands of downloads to get some decent revenue from your game.. There's lot's of good information about ad income in stencylpedia, but you can start by reading this one:

good luck =)


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Awesome! I will defiantly take a look thanks for the feedback i appreciate it!