Crazy Golf (Android) Released!!


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I have finally released my first game on Android, with iOS to follow..

New video here -


I plan to include a new course and/or challenge about every 2 weeks
I have many many more fun additions to add to the game, I could have just carried on developing, but wanted to get it released, then add content over time..

@Squarepug - Thanks again for your comments, I took the last 2-3 weeks to tweak a few things, trying to make it more consistent in the graphics area.

PS, a quick thank you to all who have helped me or provided solutions to threads which have helped me over the last few months!! I do think this community is one of the best, and has made me stick with Stencyl..!!!

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Decent effort with the mechanics for a first ever game  :) Especially if youve only used Stencyl for 3 months!

The way the wind turbine flicks the ball is really cool, like that!

From the video that mechanic seems to be used quite a bit tho, would be good if you came up with more ideas like those. If you think of real crazy golf places it might help spring more ideas. One near me has a little wooden bridge that you have to hit the ball over, adding in things like that (which are from real life) could add to the game.

As for the graphics you'll probably get the best results if you stick to simple graphics, using straight lines and consistent proportions can help (that is what Ive learnt recently anyway!). Did you see the ketchapp game a few months ago that came out called Speed Golf? If not take a look here:

Im obviously not saying you should copy it but if you look at the graphics they are very simple (the trees, the mountains etc are simple triangles) but have a nice color palette and good consistency to them. This works especially well on mobile. For your design style as you develop it further you might want to try something like that, or something like the guys behind Wheelie 2 did (,45052.0.html) which also could fit well in your style of game. 
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Thanks for your comments!!

I do have more assets to add, bridges included.. I had 40 minutes of video to cut to 1 min and a bit, so it was difficult to show all types of courses in that video..

There is a lot more content to add, which i'll be doing so before and after release!



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Wow! Very cool game.  8)


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