Android performance?


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Is there any guide somewhere how to tune Android performance, or is there maybe some tips and tricks somewhere? My problem currently is that for some unknown reason my game has random fps drops with Android phones. When i play same game with iPhone 5s or iPad air, it runs as smooth as anything.. But for some odd reason, same code base has random fps drops with android phones. Even more weird is the fact the it doesn't seem to make difference wether i test with old galaxy s2 or newer lg g3.. Same random fps drops in both phones.. So any tips or tricks on that?

My game is simple run and jump. No moving enemies or anything like that. Just pre built maps with tiles, some hazards to jump over and that's it so it's not very graphic heavy either.


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I found my biggest issue for frame rate drops was scene text.
Scene text, like a HUD for score etc caused frame rates to drop, I had to create anchored actors and put the text in the actors instead.

You could test this quickly by just disabling any scene text behaviors and trying it on android.


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Hmm i certainly will try that one, though i don't got any visible text in screen while played. I got my texts behind IF call which launches after main character dies.. Can it still affect performance because afaik lines inside IF are ignored unless specific event happens? But i will certainly try it out =)

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In that case, it shouldn't affect performance...

For what it's worth, I also found android slower compared to Flash.