[Resolved] Animated Tile Performance


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Edit: Post title changed to reflect the issue.

Animated tiles off screen drops performance by loads.

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I have an issue with performance with the following, and wonder if anyone can help me resolve the issue.

I have an actor being pushed along with a force, this actor is set to always active so isn't killed when just out of the screen.
The force is calculated when touching tiles with a certain bit of data

I get 60 FPS when the actor is being pushed along when on screen.
As soon as I move the actor just out of the screen, my frame rate plummets to 35-40, I don't understand why an actor that is moving anyway, would cause such bad frame rate drops by just being moved out of the scene by a few pixels.

Nothing else is happening in the scene other than the push force on this actor

Has anyone else encountered this before?

I'm going to try and change the force push to a set speed of X, to see if that helps matters. Also change the trigger from tile collision to something else to see what it is that might be slowing it down when just off screen.

It maybe that an actor / tile collision with data off screen is causing it to slow down. I'll experiment and see what the issue is.

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I think i have figured out what it is.. its the animated tiles.
When these tiles are out of screen the frame rate drops.

Same scene, just removed the animations, performance back to 60

Its just 3 tiles, repeated 6-7 times, each one has 8 frames

Edit: Further testing - the faster the frame rate, the greater the drop, i had mine set to default 100ms, but it is still noticable at 1000

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Is there anyway to stop tile animations when off screen?


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How complicated would it be to use actors instead of tiles?


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thanks.. I was thinking of actors, so will try and replace the animated parts with simple actors as it should be just for show anyway


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Thanks, just replaced the tiles with minimal actors for animations only, running back to 60 FPS!!