Actor Origin Points


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I'm trying to do something strange with spinning actors.

I have managed to nearly achieve what i need, but is there a way to set the origin point of an actor at runtime?
I realise I can setup multiple actor animations with different origin points, but that would result in loads of animations.

Also, you can set the origin point massively into a positive number, far outside the collision box, but you cannot set a negative point. This is actually something i need. So wondered if there was a way to code origin points, thus i might be able to set a negative x or y.



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I don't know any way to achieve what you want.

You could always try creating an actor with a large transparent border (and a tiny collision polygon) in order to get that rotation going on as you want.


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in a code block


after the tweening set it back to the original origin point for the collisions to work


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I'll give it a try