Bug with custom block


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I created behaviour with some custom blocks. than I copy it, for another actor. I deleted some function including custom functions. And than... all custom block in original behaviour is lost!!! (my build is 9000)


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Go to "Debug -> Logs -> Generate Logs"
And where did you delete the custom functions/blocks from, the original, or the copy? And if from the copy, are you
*sure* it was the copy you deleted them from?
Do you have backups?


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This has happened to me before..
Delete from the copy also removes from the original..

Now i check a behaviour before copying, if it has any custom blocks, i just copy the non custom blocks one by one into a new behaviour


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I'm not so sure this is related to danielle53's issue. Seems closer to this one: http://community.stencyl.com/index.php?issue=257.0

I'll work some more on Design Mode today.

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