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Free Music Resource for Your Games

Eric Matyas

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Do you accept requests??

I'd be particularly interested in any 8-bit stuff that you produce!

Thanks for checking out my work...I really appreciate it! Feel free to email me with some details and I'll see what I can do. (My email address is at the bottom of my homepage.)  :-)

In the meantime...

Lots of new free tracks are ready:

On the Events/Travel 2 page we have:
"Over Ancient Waters"
"Breezy Bay"

On the Sci-Fi 6 page we have:
"Mech Monsters Closing In" (Looping)

On the Puzzle Music 2 page:
"Mellow Puzzler" (Looping)
"Mellow Puzzler 2"  (Looping)

On the Epic/Battle page:
"Ninja Game Intro" (Looping)

On the Fantasy 7 page:
"Forest Intro" (Looping)

And on the City/Urban 2 Page:
"Street Boss Battle" (Looping)

I hope some of them are useful!   :-)

Eric Matyas

  • Posts: 258
I'm finally back to work on music for clients this week, but I did manage to create some new free tracks  for everyone:

On Dark/Ominous Page:
"Strangeness" (Looping)

On the Puzzle Music 2 page:
"Cryptic Puzzler" (Looping)
"Cryptic Puzzler 2" (Looping)
"Bell Puzzler" (Looping)

Have a great week!  :-)

Eric Matyas

  • Posts: 258
Greetings! Here are this week's new free tracks:

On the Puzzle Music 2 page:
"Puzzle Clues" (Looping)
"Music Box Puzzler" (Looping)
"Monkey Island Puzzler" (Looping)

On the Action 2 page:
"Street Chaos"

And on the Chiptunes page:
"8-Bit Perplexion"

Have a great week!  :-)