Mochi Universe: the survival game


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If you would like to lend your skills to the creation of this video game I could use some help. I need a video game programmer, another artist would be nice, a coder would be nice too.

Here are some links to see some rough sketches of the games design :

Mochi Universe is a survival based game. You and your fellow Mochi crew were sailing in the ocean exploring until you were hit by a storm and ended up being blown off course. Niw you and your crew is deserted on a island with minimal supplies. These supplies won't hold out forever, so you must build, forage, create, and fight to survive.

The game concept revolves around city building and exploration. The target audience will be age 9+ (most likely because of the possibility of fighting). The cute graphics should appeal to all audiences male and female. The gameplay includes elements of real-time strategy games (such as warcraft) with faster paced action (such as clash of clans). In order to build your city, you will need to explore the surrounding environment and collect items (such as in minecraft). The gameplay will less intense than warcraft and clash of clans, so the focus will be more on casual gamers than hardcore gamers.

This game will most likely not be created due to the fact I don't have any programming skills nor do I have any programmers