Collision Shapes (Groups) Issue / Bug


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I have the following issue, i think its a bug.. but here goes

2 Actors In the Actors Group
Both Actors have a collision shape, set as sensor, but are in a new group BOX (Child Group, different from parent group Actors)

Groups Setup as
Actors can collide with Actors and BOX
BOX can collide with Actors and BOX

If the actors hit each other, with a code collision detection on Group BOX hits Group BOX, it doesn't register

If you change the parent group of one of the actors to group BOX, it registers the collision code.

it doesn't register a collision for BOX on BOX collision shape if the parent types are not BOX

I have attached a stencyl file for anyone to look at, am i doing something silly, or is this a bug?
All code is in the scene. Run to see the collision and result, then change one of the actors Parent Groups to BOX, rerun and see it registers the collision.

I think its a bug, as its not running the code on collision of shapes with groups different to the parent group.


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The Issue Tracker is the best place to report bugs.

The management of collision shapes and its groups is being improved and commented, so I think it would be very convenient that you report this bug here:

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