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Latest update : @ 3.46 PM Eastern time,  4/20/16

Hello! I've complied a list of all the notable changes, enhancements, planned suggestion, planned bug fixes and already fixed bug for the stable version of 3.4. It took me over a hour to organize and compile.

Note : This list will be updated as more reports of suggestions and bug fixes are fixed and confirmed.

Notable Changes :

Stencylforge shutdown
Improved block snapping for multiple nested layers of normal blocks.
Block guide, every block explained and documented.
Update lime (2.6.8 -> 2.9.1) and openfl (3.3.8 -> 3.6.1)
A ton of cool enhancements

Enhancements :

Total : 70 enhancements

(b9118) Further refined block snapping. Action blocks and wrappers also snap in based on mouse position.
(b9110) Improve block snapping for multiple nested layers of normal blocks.
(b9109) Improve block snapping when it involves wrapper blocks.
(b9107) In tileset editor, allow tiles to be moved over previous selection along a single axis.
(b9106) Show name of parent actor/scene for events in Open Resource dialog.
(b9101) New Visual Studio installation instructions
(b9097) Update lime (2.6.8 -> 2.9.1) and openfl (3.3.8 -> 3.6.1)
(b9096) Update Actuate library from 1.6.5 to 1.8.6.
(b9083) Create "collision shape" attribute type for actor shape blocks.
(b9080) "snap to grid" is stuck on when shift is pressed for Rectangle tool
(b9077) Don't let blocks with large text areas prevent mouse wheel scrolling of workspace and palette.
(b9076) Show warnings for bitrate and metadata when using filedrop to import MP3s.
(b9075) Don't scale tiles to be drawn the wrong size in scenes with a different tile size.
(b9070) Add support for a custom block font
(b9064) Use escape key to clear block highlighting
(b9057) Add blocks to access collision groups for individual shapes, and get the last created shape.
(b9056) Make attribute tween block accept only numbers via dropdown
(b9050) Clarify limitations of "Auto-scale collision bounds"
(b9043) Don't register collisions between regions and tiles.
(b9034) Accurately portray gradient bg's in Scene Designer.
(b9032) Increase opacity of tileset collision shape overlay.
(b9031) Default tile collision shapes are wrong.
(b9028) add "random float between" block
(b9027) add "Cut" option to block context menu
(b9025) add "layer with exists" block
(b9023) add "layer name of " block
(b9022) add "null" block
(b9019) add "empty text" and "space" blocks
(b9013) Don't use escape key to exit fullscreen in desktop games
(b9007) Updated Admob iOS SDK to v7.7.0.
(b8991) Multiple changes to how scrolling repeated backgrounds are rendered
(b8987) Add event for fullscreen ads.
(b8985) Reorganize palette sections
(b8982) Split Sounds & Images palette sections
(b8981) Give game attributes their own palette section
(b8980) Replace iAds for Admob. Now Admob is build-in for both iOS and Android.
(b8974) New blocks to change the drawing layer
(b8965) Clarify extension menu items
(b8956) Show warning icon on deprecated blocks
(b8950) Don't log taskkill output (looks like an error when it isn't)
(b8932) Hide "as animation" block (not needed anymore)
(b8918-b8931) Update palette; Improve block formatting
(b8916) New "language" block
(b8914) Add "exit game" block to block picker
(b8913) Better block picker header for memory management
(b8912) Add comment wrapper block to block picker
(b8911) Add constants blocks to block picker
(b8883) Allow to import ZIP project files
(b8882) Fix: don't set beta-reports-active for adhoc builds
(b8876) Support different workspaces per installation
(b8872) Clarify attributes text for when no event is selected
(b8870) Remember game settings dialog state
(b8866) Update download link for Visual Studio 2015
(b8864) Add prompt to open and accept Xcode license for desktop builds
(b8854) move new joystick blocks to their own palette section (User Input > Joytick)
(b8850) Add crisper default joystick images
(b8849) New joystick blocks (based on the "Virtual Joysticks Extension")
(b8825) Remove lang/br (incorrect lang code and very incomplete)
(b8802) enable 3x scale by default
(b8799) success/fail dialogs for Run -> Clean Project
Block Guide
Brand new and rewritten from scratch .
EVERY block in the toolset is documented.
Right-click a block > View Help will open the block guide and highlight that block's entry for you.
Full Screen (Interstitial) Ads for iOS and Android (Feedback Wanted)
Events for Android Ads (Feedback Wanted)
(b8769) Add anchors (using Definition.tag) for [block] > View Help.
(b8768) Hook up block help url's to new block reference.
(b8762) Allow base palette and event lists to be overwritten with user-defined lists.

Planned enhancments for 3.4 (Incomplete enhancements)  :

Total : 13 incomplete enhnacements

Added events to Google Play Games Services
Rebuild cppia host automatically when needed
Local Attributes
Don't allow mismatched scenes and tilesets to be used together.
Drag add/remove row/column tools to add/remove multiple at once
Autotile Interface 
Able to Copy/Paste everything ( actors, tiles , etc)
Duplicate Event vs. Add Event behavior
Remember last used tilesize
Find+Replace Blocks
Sidebar for selection collision shapes
Large text area blocks should be expandable

Planned  Bug fixes for 3.4 ( Incomplete bug fixes):

Note : Stencyl eventually plans to fix all the bugs reported. However these report listed below are the bug report Stencyl
confirmed to fix.

Total : 12 Planned

Blocks don't move down when block above grows after adding new block via menu  New
Undo acts strangely with blocks added through picker menu
Animated Tiles appear blank outside the editor
Collision Pairs are forgotten when a new group is created
Blocks aren't layered correctly when behavior is opened.
for each [actor on screen] doesn't work in when created
Error when trying to increase rectangular collision size/position beyond bounds
Normal block drop highlight is hidden by transparent part of blocks.
Blocks don't always show the correct drop highlight color
Linux only : multiple tabs of the scene
Ctr-Z side effects
Code Preview Find

Bug fixes  :

Total Fixes : 97 bug fixes

(b9133) Fixed wrong white/red highlights for block snapping related to wrappers, attached blocks, and multiple-block drags.
(b9132) Fix: bottom blocks in Design Mode allowing other blocks to snap on beneath them.
(b9131) Error reporting fix: Catch Haxe compilation errors reported with a range of line numbers.
(b9130) Don't auto-increment mobile game build number when it's set to 1.
(b9129) Various fixes to design mode, including drawing bugs, block drag canceling, and undo support.
(b9128) Reduce speed of block holding autoscroll a bit.
(b9127) Insert duplicated events after the original instead of at the bottom.
(b9126) Fix: Pressing enter to find next in Code Preview dialog closes the window.
(b9125) Improve smoothness of scrolling by holding blocks near the edge of design mode, and make the right edge only scroll after .5 seconds.
(b9124) Fix: Block notches don't draw correctly when behaviors are first opened.
(b9123) Fixed glitchy drawing of normal block snap highlight.
(b9122) Fix: Can't undo using block picker to place blocks in fields.
(b9121) Make design mode not autoscroll when dragging blocks to/from palette.
(b9120) Fix: Desktop/mobile, image instance properties can't be accessed using blocks that return dynamic values.
(b9113) Fix: iOS Build Number Increases After Each Test
(b9113) Fix "Scale to Fit (Full Screen)" scale issue.
(b9112) Fix "collision group of [ collision shape ]" block when group is inherited from parent actor.
(b9111) Fix: Normal blocks can't be dropped into other normal blocks that are overriding some attribute choosers.
(b9108) Fix "Scale to Fit (Full Screen)" cropping issue.
(b9104) Fix: Full screen when using scale other than 1x
(b9100) Fix: catch "Process creation failure : cl.exe" error
(b9099) Fix code generation of wrong type name for "collision shape" attributes.
(b9098) Fix: layer data is only loaded from first scene due to last commit.
(b9095) Fix: Rectangle tool cursor appears in wrong place when zoomed.
(b9094) Fix: Atlas resource list doesn't update with new resources if already open.
(b9093) Fix: Scale modes swapped
(b9092) Fix: Sorting of atlas/scene tables in atlas manager.
(b9091) Fix: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TableHeaderRenderer
(b9090) Fix: Copying a bitmap font is bugged (WIP)
(b9088) Fix: Scene layers being toggled invisible when upgrading old projects.
(b9087) Fix: prevent null pointer exceptions in region controllers
(b9085) Fix: "Scale to Fit (Letterbox)" crops off the edges
(b9084) Fix: Cannot scroll when cursor is over block dropdown
(b9082) Fix: Alt+click block duplication makes next click do nothing.
(b9079) Fix: Scene grid color dialog disappears when clicked.
(b9078) Fix long lines appearing when drawing pencil near scene boundary.
(b9074) Fix: View code returns blank on all deactivated blocks.
(b9073) Fix timed events running when actors are recycled
(b9072) Fix: Slight jitter when scrolling (camera centre)
(b9072) Fix: Exiting fullscreen reverts to 1x scale
(b9071) Fix: Inconsistent naming of "always" event
(b9069) Fix: error when right-clicking on code mode attributes
(b9068) Fix: "Find in Behaviors" highlighting doesn't always work
(b9067) Fix: "Find in Behaviors" error in code mode behaviors
(b9066) Fix: events pane highlighting is never cleared
(b9062) Fix: "has value" block returns true for empty text attribute
(b9060) Fix: block context detection (static Script context)
(b9052) Fix: "clear value" and "has value" blocks for primitives
(b9049) Fix: Error when increasing box collision values beyond bounds
(b9048) Fix: missing spaces after parenthesis in two blocks
(b9045) Fix: Bitmap font properties don't get saved
(b9042) Fix: multiple error dialogs shown in case of compilation errors; external output out of order
(b9041) Fix: instructions and verification of frame and tileset import dialog
(b9040) Fix: "random float between _ and _" block
(b9039) Fix: After duplicating an open scene, the original has to be refreshed before further changes are saved.
(b9038) Fix: Remove column tool might delete last column.
(b9037) Fix: Allow runlengths of more than 32,000 of the same tile in a scene.
(b9036) Fix: Actors don't stay put on tile layers that parallax.
(b9033) Fix: Can't edit "Rect Up" collision shape.
(b9021) Fix: "language" block returns text
(b9018) Fix: text fields accept animations
(b9017) Fix: hide deprecated blocks from block picker
(b9014) Fix: "as Number" block doesn't work on CPP targets in some cases
(b9012) Fix: importing sounds from menu File->Import Resource...
(b9011) Fix: import OGG file by drag and drop
(b9010) Fix: exception if mime type cannot be determined
(b9008) Fix: engine extension blocks don't show up after enabling
(b9006) Fixed the error when Stencyl attempts to use 3x graphics when only 4x is enabled.
(b9004) Fix error when dragging blocks.
(b9000) Fix: making changes in "Settings" reverts name to previous save
(b8998) Fix: Stencyl doesn't start with old settings
(b8997) Fix: uncaught exception in "Open Resource" dialog
(b8995) Fix: splash screen not rendering correctly on Mac
(b8994) Fix: error when pressing delete on an empty page or folder
(b8993) Fix: importing maps from text files
(b8992) Fix: parsing default values for color attributes in code mode
(b8990) Fix: animated backgrounds on mobile
(b8988) Fix: Getters section of Game Attributes shows setters blocks instead of getters blocks
(b8964) Fix: bundled extension not copied to workspace on install
(b8961) Fix: search and "Find in Palette" for attribute getters/setters
(b8960) Fix: drag & drop mime type detection
(b8959) Fix: null pointer exception if sound header cannot be read
(b8952) Fix: animation fields not accepting text blocks
(b8951) Fix: Stencyl doesn't close (toolset extension compatibility)
(b8950) Don't log taskkill output (looks like an error when it isn't)
(b8949) Fix: show favorites submenu for all attribute types in block picker
(b8947) Fix: don't show (game) attribute menus for non-attribute types in block picker
(b8946) Fix: attribute getters & setters not showing up in block picker
(b8942) Fix: mixed up sub menus in block picker
(b8936) Fix: don't show error for unsupported Desktop.browse() on Linux
(b8935) Fix: create extension repository settings if they don't exist
(b8934) Fix: compilation error if custom block is not created after adding the event
(b8909) Fix: "joystick [id] is pressed" block not working correctly
(b8893) Fix: remove old joystick section from block picker
(b8884) Fix: check whether imported projects are valid
(b8882) Fix: don't set beta-reports-active for adhoc builds
(b8871) Fix: disable OK button when Controls name verifcation fails
(b8869) Fix: add indication of illegal chars in Control name fields
(b8863) Fix for regression from b8862 (Missing Joystick class)
(b8862) Fix: Allow repeating backgrounds to animate
(b8861) Fix: exception when opening settings, if no iOS simulator found
(b8860) Fix: don't accept spaces in custom events
(b8859) Fix: show actor/scene name for custom blocks defined in events
(b8858) Fix: Code Mode attributes with ambiguous types
(b8857) Fix: "set center for joystick"-block missing
(b8856) Fix: "current loop count" block, view code shows "index-1"
(b8851) Fix: support 3x joystick images
(b8839) Fix: ignore case in engine extension compatibility
(b8832) Fix: be more lenient and catch error in parsing of engine extension version
(b8828) Fix: prevent NPE in LogTableCellRenderer
(b8826) Fix: NPE in determining the name of actor/scene events
(b8825) Remove lang/br (incorrect lang code and very incomplete)
(b8820) Fix: error dialog for parsing code mode attribute definitions
(b8818) Fix: name instead of internal name in remove attribute dialog
(b8814) Fix: Ask user to confirm before deleting Android Keystore
(b8813) Fix: resize yes/no dialogs to fit text
(b8809) Fix: use fallback icon for fonts that cannot display char 'A'
(b8808) Fix: use the actual fonts for the default font previews (Newspaper, Sans Serif, and Typewriter)
(b8807) Fix: only show displayable chars in font preview
(b8806) Fix: error when selecting custom font without choosing one
(b8805) Fix: warn and fall back if font contains no displayable chars
(b8804) Fix: misleading preview image if font has no displayable chars
(b8801) Fix: catch exceptions during parsing of engine extension definitions
(b8796) Fix: Can't drag embedded blocks out of wrappers.
(b8793) Fix: clarify font character sets in dropdown
(b8791) Fix: warn instead of erroring out for attached blocks in extensions
(b8787) Fix: Mac OS X sometimes says that we're an unregistered developer (and won't let Stencyl launch)
(b8786) Fix: FileNotFoundException when copying freeform code
(b8785) Fix: use NIO to avoid "Failed to copy full contents" in SnippetsWriter
(b8784) Fix: warning "Could not add block for tag toggle-flxpause to menu."
(b8783) Fix: Can drag blocks into design mode work area without an event.
(b8782) Fix: groups with return block not snapping into top of event wrapper.
(b8781) Fix: "Attribute doesn't exist" warning for unassigned values
(b8780) Fix: uncaught exception when taking a screenshot of a behavior without events
(b8778) Fix: Actors and Players collide with Tiles even when not set to collide
(b8773) Fix: cannot export actor type that has no animation
(b8772) Fix: parsing numbers in locales using "," as decimal point
(b8761) Fix actors recreated have shorter first frames of animation
Fix: error "Array should be Array" when building HTML5 games
(b8760) Fix: Exporting a sound only exports MP3
(b8759) Fix: internal Java error when highlighting a block on Linux
(b8758) Fix: "exit game" block not working on Flash
(b8748) Fixed ConcurrentModificationExceptions in extension repo browser, don't show header for empty extension lists.
(b8746) Fix block drag behavior on multiple monitor setups.
(b8745) Fixed actor customization title not filling horizontal space.
(b8741) Fix: "Games" counter doesn't decrease when deleting games
(b8740) Fix: broken "copy of image" block
(b8739) Fix Broken toolset extensions prevent Stencyl from opening.

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thanks  for this valuable work


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Just because a bug is confirmed doesn't mean that it's on the timetable for the next release. The enhancements you've listed, too, are for the most part not planned for 3.4, except the cppia ones in particular.

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@danielle53, your welcome, I'll keep updating this list as more bugs are fixed.
@Justin, Okay, I'll take out those projects.


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Thanks Donni11. I'm sure all non suscribers are salivating in front of your thread ;)

do you know more about (b8762) Allow base palette and event lists to be overwritten with user-defined lists.  ?


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You can see the base palette and event lists here.


If you drag those into [stencyl workspace]/prefs, and then change them a little bit and reload Stencyl you should see the differences.

edit: Although those aren't completely up to date right now. I think I need to update them with recent block additions.

For Live Support: Join our discord server and ping me @justin.
I'm most often available between 8am and midnight Japan time. (GMT+9)