Lock and Key behavior killing player


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Hi Guys,

I have a somewhat simple Actor behavior that essentially kills a 'lock' actor (i.e. a locked door) if the player has its corresponding key. I'm using 'Last Collided Actor' to kill the lock. (refer to attached screenshot for an illustration of the behavior).

Now, I'm testing with two different locks in the same scene (a 'blue lock' and 'green lock' for arguments sake) and the player has all relevant keys for the locks.

My issue is that the first (blue) lock that the player collides into dies successfully, allowing the player to proceed. But when the player collides with the second (green) lock, its the player actor that dies, not the lock actor.

Why might this happen? Something to do with the collision rule (last collided actor)?

Thanks guys


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Drag the block on the top row that says '2nd actor' onto the 'kill' block and you will get the behaviour you want. I believe it is due to order of actor creation that changeds which one is the last collided actor.


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That worked great! Thank you so much!!