error or malfunction of any use ???


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i have the following problem 'm creating a game of ping pong retro style and I have everything ready ...

create a tilesets for the ball to bounce and rackets not leave the screen as if they were walls walls, but when the ball hits the racket, the drives backwards, then place it in the physical the option can not be pushet , and now they cross the tilesets rackets ... As I do ????

Much appreciate the help ...


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set your ball to have normal physics =)


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the problem is not with is with racket ball because when the racket is established physical normal, then the ball pushes back and if set in physics can not be pushed, so that the racket is not driven by the ball, then the racket through the tilesets

sorry if something is misspelled do not speak English, I understand, but the basics ... so I have to use google translator

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Maybe disable gravity for racket.


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and clear the gravity and the racket continues through the tilesets


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If an actor is "cannot be pushed" it can't collide with another "cannot be pushed" actor.

Two options:

1. Change the mass of the raquet so it's very heavy and the ball very light, so the ball won't push the raquet (even when it "cannot be pushed"= false)
2. Use code to stop the raquet from moving if its position is bigger/smaller than a certain amount.

Where are you from (curiousity)?


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I guided her according to what you said and put the more massive racket so that the ball is not pushing layers of the racket, but something that would not have wanted to make is that tube to increase the speed of the racket much ... yet so thanks for the answers.

Answering your question, I am of Venezuela (Latin America) and I find many forums stencyl in Spanish so I pegunto in this forum by using google translator