Run and Jump not working together


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Hi folks,

Fairly early in the book and I've just updated the collision boxes for the monkey and I notice that now the running and jumping don't work together, you need to pause and then hit jump. Basically, jumping is not responsive at all!

Presumably I've ruined it with collision boxes but I can't see how. I tried creating a new game from scratch quickly and it works a treat with rapid jumping as you'd expect.

I also tried downloading the code but that doesn't seem to do anything when I import it into the game for the relevant file. Appreciate any thoughts on this (maybe there's a fix later in the book??)


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If it's a Mobile Game you have to enable "MULTI TOUCH" in your Project Settings under "Mobile"


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No it's just a general flash game. I started again and had. I issues without adjusting the collision box so I must have done something a bit wrong but not sure what.