X-ray Detective flash game


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Hi!!! We just finish our big project, and I am pleased to present to you X-ray Detective. Enjoy and write feedbacks :)


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Hello Demkamen,

* In-game help
* Graphics smooth and coherent
* Good amount of save-points
* Gradual progression of difficulty

* Control-schema not intuitive (stairs / jumping on it)
* Less text  = more

At first I wasn't sure how to navigate right/left, but once the mouse was involved it was an engaging phase.

I'm not your target audience and hate violence but it wasn't outright difficult or frustrating. The climbing could be introduced a little because I fell and had to do a large part over. Maybe a little drop instead and quick crate-jumping to avoid redoing part of the screen?

Again, nicely done and I hope you find a target audience.
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