(Resolved) iOS Simulator - Origin Point, Not the same as Android or Flash


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So i have finished testing on Android and in flash, and the origin points of my actors work correctly..

Time to deploy to iOS, and the same code works differently in iOS, the origin points are different.
So one of the actors has an origin point left center, this works fine on Android and flash, but the origin point is set to bottom left on the iOS simulator (have not tried on an actual iOS device yet)

This is on build 9140.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue, i have searched the forums for info, and there was a post from 2012, but no one else has mentioned it..

Justin, if you read this, this is the same game you helped me with on the memory issue..

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Can't help because I don't have a (real) Mac or an iOS device, sorry.

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I've just tried the same code on build 8868, and it works ok.. So there is something different with build 9140 or maybe earlier, but 8868 works fine..

Its possible that it may have something to do with the scaling issue we have been seeing, as moving the origin point around from left centre to top left to top right, it really doesn't make sense as to how it is rotating.. Some times it looks like it is rotating left and 2/3 down.. certainly not at the point it was set to


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fyi, i'm trying to put together a stencyl file with the issue so this can be fixed/ logged as a bug.. just taking some time..