UPDATE: Starshield for Web and Android

Hi everyone! I am so excited. I have finally completed my first game Starshield after a hectic semester. I have tweaked the web version to include a health system and to fix the lag (it was mainly due to many of the "always" functions in the game. If it still lags, it may be the browser. My Firefox lags quite a bit but with Google Chrome it works just fine.
As for Android, I am going to be publishing it hopefully before the end of this weekend. I still have a couple of things to take care of in terms of the Google Play Store.

Here is the link for the web version:

Also,  any feedback would be appreciated!


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Hello IVentertainment,

* consistent graphics and transition

* No in game help (you need to go to the I )
* No movement of the ship

If the only thing you can adjust is the shield you need much richer (=many different) graphics to entertain the gamer.

Curious how you are going to publish without having a subscription!
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