Graphic Artist/Composer/Game Designer looking to collaborate!


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Hi fellow Stencyl users!

My name is Peter, and I started using Stencyl a bit more than 2 years ago. I created a flash platformer game to a state that was about 80% ready. It means that the game had 32 working levels, loading screen, UI, music, sound, ability to save, it was actually fully playable, but missing a few elements and a bit of polish. I wanted to add more music, more sfx, but most importantly, I planned to add both stationary and moving enemies, and 2 more playable characters. I did all of the work myself, using Stencyl, Photoshop and FL Studio 9.

I attached a few actual screenshots from the game, plus the logo to this post.

Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the game, lost most of the files soon after I moved to London, and stopped using Stencyl (and developing games) altogether for a long time. I did some paid work as a graphic artist on other games, but mostly left the industry behind. However, I didn't give up the idea of using Stencyl to make games in the future, and I finally feel like I'm ready to get back to it. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, so on one hand, I'm not in a rush to make a fortune - just trying to get something finished. It doesn't have to be particularly original or groundbreaking, but it has to be polished up to a marketable level.

On the other hand, I don't want to do everything myself, like I did last time. Graphic design, music, copy-writing, story, level design, these are my strengths, I am a professional in these, and I can do sfx up to a pro standard, too. I have plenty of marketing skills and experience, but for now, I'm not really keen on doing that part of the job; as I said, selling the game is not a top priority for me. In any case, the chances of making reasonable money will be slim with this first collaboration.

My main goals are:

- create a polished, finished multiplatform 2d game using Stencyl in collaboration with other people (will decide the genre later),
- build connections, find out how effectively I can work with other people,
- find team members for more serious future developments,
- establish a workflow

I'm absolutely serious about this; it is the first step of a long-term project. As of now, I'll only be able to work part-time on this, most likely 15-20 hrs/week, and this is about the same thing I expect from others. If you have used Stencyl before, and/or have skills you think would help in reaching the above-mentioned goals, reply to this topic.

Very important: this is not paid work!!! You won't receive a salary, it will be revenue share entirely - the details of that will be up for discussion, once we have a core team. (I'm mostly thinking about a time-based system, the more you work, the more you get.) I'm open to adding people to the team whose skills actually overlap with mine, with the exception of music, I want to do that completely by myself.

(By the way, some of music can be found here:

Please, only dedicated, committed, skilled people apply! I don't mind if you're not a pro developer with loads of experience (although highly preferred, obviously), but you have to be close enough. I don't need "idea guys" either, you have to be able to add substance.

That's about it, I hope there are some people who see some potential in this. Drop me a reply here if you're interested, and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Looking forward to hear from you!
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