Ace Escape


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OK I'll change up those things, but as for the hollow bricks, I think that it looks good. To add variety, I could change the color of the background. I could even make a sky background or something... Just tell me what you want and I'll get it done.

EDIT: Updated. The star in the circle was replaced with a spade. BTW, do you like what was done, besides the things you wanted changed?

I like the change to stars and/or a spade for the player. I think the player sprite you made fits your theme better than my player sprite fit my own. I was never really happy with my ugly red ball.

I prefer my own arrows to the ones you have in your demo.

I think the bottom interface looks better in your version. The font I used in mine was skinny and plain. Your version makes better use of the space.

As for colors, I think the empty white blocks might be a little repetitive after a few levels. That could be helped by something as simple as changing the outline color each level. Can I tint tiles at drawing time? I can't remember off the top of my head, but if I can, you could just supply the white tiles and I could tint them differently per level.

Backgrounds, I am a little stumped on. If you feel like making a couple of skies or city backdrops, I'm all for it. The grid should be visible against whatever backgrounds we use, otherwise, I don't have any solid suggestions.

Of course a good theme can help, but it's a tough task to tie a theme with gameplay in a puzzle game.

What I think it needs is programmer art. You used that term to mean that you can't sprite, but programmer art can make a game look good. By that I mean all sorts of programmed effects:

Particles, trails, arrow sprites that goes bigger while fading out, rotations, color blink, etc.

Ah, yes, Geometry Wars is beautiful, but I'm not sure how to work that style into a puzzle game, especially given the performance limitations I seem to run into with Flash. I can add more pre-rendered particle effects, but there are only so many places to use them in a non-action game like Ace Escape.


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Yeah I just couldn't fnd a better example XD

I just meant messing around with image alpha, stretch and stuff :) GL with it.