Pee Break (Out on iOS)


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As I wrote to KramerGames in Herb Defender:

"Developing games is a war.
And the weapons you're intending to use are not enough good for the current time.
Choice battles lower, train more, or be prepared for take a beating and fail".

I think this mindset, only is not valid in three circumstances:

- You want to do games only like Hobby.
- You do not seek to improve what you do.
- You are famous enough for any burp your being considered art.

About the success, I think that the success is measured by the number of people that were positively affected by you.

In this perspective:

If ("Provide what the market wants" = "is be ambitious")
Then ("Gratify only himself" = "is being selfish".)

About the game:

In a competition, the difference between the success and failure, or the first and second place, or 1,000 visits and millions of visits, sometimes it's a matter of milliseconds.

That is why, I also think that better graphics for a game always be a good idea for existing more good things to talk about the game, and more people liking this, and more money you making.

And as this is obvious, and you know it, consider this only as a remembrance or something to focus on more.


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If there are three of them that I'm always excited and look forward for advice, feedback and constructive criticism - It would be colburt, ceosol & liberado. Not to mention that there are many friendly people here. But you three help me a lot for nothing in return. It's kinda disappointing to see such an argument between two of them.

I'm not wise enough to comment on the success you two have achieved. But I just want to point out that you two have taken two different paths. Just like choosing two different religions.

While I must agree that colburt has very valuable feedback, I also understand that you want to help Stencylers who haven't tasted success. Since ceosol is already half way through, I would understand why ceosol seem disappointed with the feedback.

Anyways.. I just wanted to point out that the game "shower with dad" is pretty wacky and cool. Thanks for that.
If I helped you at anytime, help me back build my twitter followers :)


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As I have already said, it is not the negative feedback that is upsetting. Pretty much every game I make, Colin tells me that it doesn't look good. I know Colin likes pixelart and will never like my art style. That is completely fine and I appreciate him (or anybody else) taking the time to check out a game I made. I have never claimed to be any good at art - in fact I constantly say how bad I am at art. The client did not want to pay for professional artwork, so it fell on me. I made quite a few pictures with slightly different styles (non pixelart) and this is what he chose.

Posting once or twice criticizing someone can be hard for the person to hear, but they will be better for. Then, as Hectate said, provide your feedback and move on.


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Yeah I guess this is quite a unique situation with the client/Dev relationship and if they won't pay for art then what can you do. Maybe the client just wanted a fun game and isn't interested in financial success.

Also for the record its not just about pixel art, the main thing I'm trying to promote is that clean consistent art is generally what works on mobile. I really like the style from the game Justin posted a few days back.


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I commend everyone for keeping this discussion a lot more civilised than it could've been :)

While I generally agree with Colburt's points (and I don't think it's invalid for him to have given his opinion three times- the third time was after he actually got to play the game, which is always a different experience from seeing screenshots), in the end ceosol made what the client asked for, to the best of his abilities.

All there really is to say is, congratulations ceosol on shipping a game that your client is satisfied with.