Reed and the Beard of Glory


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As I mentioned in the introduction thread, I lately had a bout of nostalgia and reconnected with a former best friend. I decided to make a game with him as the protagonist, drawing together our in-jokes and shared interests to make something he'd enjoy (and hopefully others as well). Will provide more background if desired. Pretty much every character trait and plot point has an explanation.

Currently, the entire story is written and sprites have been made for the player character. Reed is a spacefaring inventor and adventurer-for-hire wielding the Death Scythe, which he won after beating the Devil at a drinking game. This weapon grants him incredible powers including throwing homing blades, jumping infinitely, surviving in inhospitable conditions, and shrugging off blows that would kill most men. He would be controlled by the keyboard.

He is accompanied by Spitfire, a small hovering robot that can block attacks for him, interact with interesting objects, and provides the "target" for his thrown blades to home in on. Spitfire would be controlled by the mouse cursor.
Spitfire also has the capability to transform into a giant, mobile fighting robot for the purpose of first-person boss fights a la the Impact sequences from the Ganbare Goemon! game series.

Reed's exploits in space cause him to cross paths with an ancient, super-powered being responsible for the cycles of massive extinction events on Earth.

Will post more as actual progress is made on the game. Currently I am reading forum threads to overcome some issues I am having with basic Stencyl use.