[Release] Drup - Grow and Evolve


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Drup is an exciting endless dodging game, where you play as a white “drup”. The only defense you have is your tail, which you can use to block incoming attacks from the enemies. As you play the game you receive “Evolve Points” which can be used to purchase perks, such as:

Glitch: adds a glitch effect to the tail to increase chances of hitting enemies
Two Tails: Gives the white “drup” two tails to defend itself with
Speed x1.6: Increases speed by 160%
Evolve points x1.5: Multiplies income by 1.5.

The game has 2 epic game modes, Classic and Waves. Classic, is a endless gamemode where the enemies spawn at constant rate. On the other hand, Waves, spawns enemies at once in quantities in relation to the wave the player is on.

The game also features “drup” customization, where players can purchase visual changes to fit their liking.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Download: https://goo.gl/XJStu0