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MarsQuest_Demo is a story of a martian miner named Jasper who must figure out a way to obtain a medicine jar, which he must give to his bedridden and sick girlfriend named Jade.  It can be played here:
Hi Everyone.

I just uploaded my game MarsQuest_Demo to the Stencyl website as a "work in progress" because the sounds need to be updated somewhat. I've spent the last few months creating this game completely on my own, using my favorite trio...Stencyl, Photoshop, and Audacity. I just want to say that the Stencyl software totally rocks! I had almost no trouble working with the software, and the best part is that I don't know a lick about programming with c# or python or whatever it is that runs this awesome platform.

Anyways, the game that is uploaded is only a demo version, as I am currently working on the longer and more drawn out storyline for the full version of the game. I am thinking about publishing to a mobile device, although I would certainly need help with that somewhere along the line because I do not have a Mac computer for iOS and Xcode. Any advice with that? Also, it may be difficult to implement the controls for a mobile version. As you can see, the screen size of my demo is oriented vertically for mobile, as that was my original intentions. But eventually as the game became more complex, I abandoned the mobile idea, but kept the small screen size and layout, which I plan to  adjust in the full version to a larger size.

I spent a few months learning Stencyl before starting on this game. MarsQuest_Demo is my first game ever. I have always been inspired by the original Legend of Zelda series for NES and Super NES and therefore MarsQuest_Demo is in that style. Many of the same types of interactions occur in the game, such as using bombs or dynamite to open caves, discovering new weapons, and buying items in a shop. I feel that the top-down RPG has greatly departed from its form during the SuperNES games in the gaming world, with most RPG makers opting for first-person 3-d style instead. But the top-down RPG offers a certain kind of charm, and that is what I was aiming to achieve with the visual side of this game.

Anyhow, I thank you in advance for trying out my game. And I hope that the playthrough is smooth and not to buggy at this point. I'd love to hear your feedback about it, either in the post, or in the comments section of the game itself!

I'm trying to figure out where to take it from here, post-demo release....hopefully making revenue with it someway. Any ideas?


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I just played it for a little bit. Fantastic job. Everything felt really smooth. The only thing I did not like was the collisions within the base. The character just fit within the corridors. Maybe you could make the player collision box smaller (e.g. y-position 16, y-height 16)

FYI, we have a game journals section of the forums and also a windows/flash section for you to post information about your game(s).


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Ahh yes! Thank you ceosol.  And I will be starting my journal in the Journals forums from here on out.


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