Xenos Colony : Resurgence.


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Hey, I'm back.  After some break from stencyl and all stuff combined, I've managed to combine several goodies into my next engine. I was just wondering if you guys could just fire it up to tell me what kind of fps you got, I mean visually, if its too choppy ; no real fps benchmarks. This project is a milestone for me since its jumping into a realtime CGI fray, and I'm trying to push the compression of files to their max. The project should be accessible with this link : http://xenoscolony.16mb.com/

Not much for playability for now but its a framework in progress.

I'm trying to see what Stencyl can achieve with a pool of CGI pre-rendered and a good Virtual Z buffer for now. Its not a full game yet but more a tech demo. I'll be happy to hear your feedback.

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