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It is finished!

I am happy I did not give up on this game, even though I did not have vision what it should be like in the end. I was just following the Stencyl beginner tutorial for making a platformer. Half the time I was not sure what I was doing, confused with game logic. After almost whole year and approx 300 hours of work, the game became what it is today. Lots of poorly arranged Stencyl blocks scattered throughout questionable behaviors and events run this game. They were minced happily by compiler many times and I was always surprised with the outcome. Theme practically does not exist, the game could use a bit more polish, but it has got some playable content after all.

A few days ago, I asked Decafpanda to test the game. He sent me a great review about advantages and downfalls so I altered and fixed the game quickly following his suggestions. Because of him, some bugs are now out and after level 7 there is a time bonus level, which in my opinion nicely spiced up the game.
I have learned several things about illustration, animation and game design trough this game. I am also proud to have strong support from Stencyl community during all this time.

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Thank you, everybody!!!


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Glad to help! Rated it 5 stars.  I'll leave a comment or two once it passes judgement.

I didn't get a chance to play the new mode or really even play through again.   Just busy ya know.  Good work!  hope it is well received.  :)