Double The Bubble - Redo


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Hi guys,

This is almost the first complete game I did using Stencyl. But due to a few reviews that were "not so great", I dropped the idea. After a long time, I felt that I gave up on the game too soon and the first few people who saw this game was not at all the targeted audience. So wanted to present the game to the right people to know what you have to say.

The objective is to shoot on a ball and it would split into two balls. Keep shooting balls and more balls are created. The maximum balls you create becomes your score. The death comes if any of these happen:

  • A ball hits you
  • All balls leave the screen (And then you can't shoot any more balls)
  • The bullets run out of count.

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The biggest turnoff factor is the graphics but it's temporary though. I'm imagining a pixel art style and planning to hire. But I'm not completely sure whether it's worth investing in this idea.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

P.S: If anyone interested, playable beta would be approved by tomorrow. Please reach out.

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