[HammerA] Hammer Time ! A stencylgames like any other ! v2 up


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I think it's a game very different from regular stencyl games (not saying the others are bad or anything) but i tried something totally different
Please come in the workd of HammerA where giants Hammers and Nails are a normailty , Welcome to the Wood world of HammerA !


It's a QTE type of game , H or T are Keys to win the game

Tell me if leaderboards , medals works well and if it doesnt work well try Google chrome please

Tell me if there is any bugs or bad frame per seconds use รน or * to display console and tell me

This MiniGame is 660 * 360 pixels, 50 fps !

Enjoy !!!!!! (I'll drop the trailer very soon )

Version2 is up ! added some changes and all

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love the art style.