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Hi everybody

I'am currently looking for a pixel artist to provide some assets for my upcoming mobile game - details below;

Job Description

Provide several assets for a top down 2d pixel art mobile game in a minimalist cartoon style.

Asset 1 - A full screen (320x480) background of a street scene including moderate levels of detail and possibly some animations ( eg. waving grass, rat popping its head out of a drain, street light turning red)

Asset 2 - 3 separate characters and a two or three frame running animation for each. These will be background characters so I would be happy for the difference between characters to be minimal, eg just a different colored hat or clothes.

Ideally I'am looking for a professional artist who has experience creating minimalist cartoon style pixel art but I would be happy to take on anyone who can prove they can get the job done.

The job would need to be done straight away,

I already have a few of the games assets in place so I can give you a good idea of the style I'm looking for and I can also provide you with some sketches / outlines of what I want the assets to look like.

If you think you might be interested leave me a post below with your details or send me a pm with links to your portfolio or at least some examples of your work.

About Me

My name is John and I'am a lone indie developer based in London UK and I release games under the name Electric Fruit. In the last year or so I have released several games on mobile and have recently had my latest game Dungeon Sweeper Greenlit to Steam. If you would like to check me out go to http://electric-fruit.com



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Did you ever find an artist to work with? If not, can I ask for more details?
 - dbKV