Ludum Dare 36 : Post Mortem : Homer and Bart use Ancient Technology


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The Theme I was hoping for was Start Small. Maybe next time ...

Really wanted to do something with the Motion Detection extension I was working on but it was too much of an Alpha stage to use it.
So I shifted focus to a game that I had promised my grandson.

He wants to play with Lego on the computer kind of like the Lego games  Dimensions, Jurrasic Park etc..
But he wants to use (become) our own figures with our own buildings and stuff.

So I wanted to create a framework where we both could play together and I could change the game later according to our needs.

Since walking around and only interacting with objects is fun for the both of us it doen’t really match what others regard as a game. So I thought of creating a puzzle game for the Ludum Dare.
According to a lot of designers there need to be a goal / destination to a game. (??)

You can read the log and see the game progress: Ancient Technology

I enjoyed the process / progress.

+ Theme could be worse
+ Satisfied with the milestones I had set myself
+ If it took more than 2 hours without any progress I ditched it : slide movement for instance
+ Level editor : it will be helpful for future projects as well
+ Follow mouse  tip: use non-centered graphics for eye movement
+ Last level is a good (difficult) level, but the four stones aren’t too much fun to start with.
+ the split screen effect worked nicely

- Level 3 and 4 are not necessary : Should really asked someone to play-test.
- Split screen should be more dominant in level design. (early on)
- Weak (=BAD) Graphics and Design

There is one important thing that I have to keep track of in the future:

                            I LIKE TO CODE

Became frustrated by graphics and  (level) design. Maybe avoid that in future LDs.
I had so much fun writing the editor (which I really shouldn’t be doing). There where 20 assets and I told myself that when I had more I needed an editor to keep track of the objects.

Yeah right !  Who are you kidding?

It took way more time to make the editor than the effort it would take to write down the numbers of the objects and use a spreadsheet/text editor or anything else for that matter.

After the editor was complete I didn’t had the time to make decent art work to put in the editor. But to be honest I would require a month to do any decent art-piece and I needed 20 already.

OK. So now I’m rewriting the game for the real target audience : my grandson and his grandfather  :D

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