Hide Android Soft Key Black Bar


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How do I hide the Android soft keys black bar?

The actual buttons are hidden, but there's this black bar at the bottom where the buttons are. When using Scale to Fit (Fill), the screen fits nicely, but the black bar cuts off the bottom of the scene. When I change the setting on my phone (Settings -> Display -> Home touch buttons) to hide the home buttons for certain apps, the black bar hides as expected and the game looks great. How can I do this automatically?

Phone Specs:
  • Android 6.0

Game Specs:
  • Stencyl 3.4 build 9200
  • Target android API 16
  • Scale mode "Scale to Fit (Fill)"


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Does it make any difference if you raise the target API? I don't think the ability to hide this bar was added until API 19 (I may be wrong - I haven't looked at this issue in a while)


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Changing the target version did make a difference. I changed it to API 20 and it got "better". Now the buttons hide and the black bar is "thinner". It doesn't take up as much space at the bottom, but the top of the scene is cut off. I'm using Scale to Fit (Fill) as the scale mode; changing it to something else only makes the black bar its normal size and adjusts the rest of the scene to be above it.


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I was able to resolve the issue by updating the GameActivity.java file from this post http://community.stencyl.com/index.php?issue=46.20