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So I've been developing a platforming game with a friend with a pretty simple concept of controlling two characters at once, who start on opposite sides of the screen and each must make it to their respective goal area alive.  The problem I'm facing is that walking on to or between these goal tiles (And moving platforms as well) does not work correctly and the player simply cannot walk onto them, meaning they must jump onto them, which is something I don't want.
Unless I've missed something somewhere the collision boxes around all the actors are the correct size and I've also tried out a few different collision groups for both the player characters and the goal tiles/moving platforms.
Stencyl file can be found below, its currently too large to upload here, which also shows I have a lot of work to do with optimizing games for small file sizes.
It would really help a lot if someone could look at the game and point out what might be causing this.

My thanks in advance :)


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Hi! Maybe there's a more elegant solution for this, but what I found out that works is editing the player's collision boxes, making it a polygon instead of a box, and cutting the corners so they don't catch on something, you can see it in this updated file with the player_black actor.

About the file size, it's that big because it saves multiple versions of each image to display them at different scales, if you disable those scales in "Setting" and publish it to flash, it only weights 4 megs. But you can't do it with the .stencyl file, it seems.

I hope this helps!


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I had trouble getting the file from dropbox, but I can tell you that you should definitely check out your file sizes under Debug>View>View files for this game, then go in and use an online compression tool to compress your biggest files!
Sorry if you already knew this, just trying to help with the information available to me! Also, could you maybe upload some screenshots of the collision problem?
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Thanks for help so far.
I tried rounding the corners of the collision box on the players just as you said, which does allow the characters to walk onto goal tiles as I wanted.
However, this is causing a problem with the player character thinking it is in the air and jumping all the time, meaning the player character is constantly switching between its walking and jumping animation.
Unless I've done this wrong, I'm going to have to look for another way to solve this.