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Extra Vibe for your games. (Game Muzic)


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Yo Guys.

Just in case you need some music for your games and IF I have the time, just messsage meeh... then we'll have some partying.  8)
without worrying about rights and stuffff.

-Renegade Quarters

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Is that you with the gun? :)


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 Yo Ceosol.

HAHA Yeah that was me in real life.    :P


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Hi Guys!

Just in case in you need music for your games at an indie price, email me at
Price starts from $10 - $80 per song (Free Consultation and Sfx).  All intellectual property will be owned by the client.

We accept original compositions, specific musical requests and revision depending on the style that you want.  We also do different types of genres such as:

1.) Pop
2.) Celtic
3.) Oriental
4.) Rock
5.) Jazz
6.) Trance / Club / House
7.) 8-Bit
8.) Classical
9.) Funk
10.) Jazz / Bebop

Here are the samples:

DJ Bertud