Multi Touch I'm officially out of ideas now, please help! [NEED INFO]


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Hey Jon

Can you confirm if you received the files ok? Just seen in Mail that the email I sent you has been "recovered"...



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Hey Jon,

I've been playing with the multitouch and I'm really not sure it's working properly or not how I'd expect it to work at least.

I did a really simple test by creating the following and placing it on a scene:

For each 'dragged' touch point
fill rect x of drag and y of drag w100 h100

When I do this I only ever see one black box regardless of how many fingers I drag across the screen and on the odd occasion the black square flickers from one finger to the other, I cant see it creating a rectangle for each dragged touch point :-(

I'd attach some logs but Xcode is only showing the FPS when I run it.