Help with camera/screen size! too small resources.


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I have a problem that is that my game screen size is bigger than my sprites, terrains, etc, MEANING that the actual game is very tiny (it's a pixel style retro game) while the screen is too big. Now, the actual problem is that if I were to lower the game/screen size to match the smaller sized scenes, that would make the window that pops up when you actually play the game ridiculously small.
And sizing the resources up makes it look super blurry, which I don't like at all. It may be a pixel game but it has to be crisp you know? Should also mention that the behavior "camera follows player" is on the player. Please help! I feel like I'm missing out something major but I can't find any clue at all!

(Since I'm rambling a lot, think Undertale's camera size)


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Had you try adjusting resolution.
Its in setting menu when you make new game..