Whats your favorite radio station?


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Hey guys

I love listen to radio ♥
My favorite radio station is Lite FM.  :D

To discover more good radio stations and to talk a bit about them, please share your favorite radio station with me and the community


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I like techno music when I code; it's not unusual to find me on di.fm, I like the many station options. Pandora works for me also, and you can find a lot of good music posted and playlisted together on YouTube too.
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If you are ever in the good mood for a good tune, come on down to Nashville to tune in to 96.3. I heard Lovefool by The Cardigans playing the other day. That's all the advice I have for now.


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Radio Mirror Park, The DJ is kinda funny and I love the music :D


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I love to listen whod94.5


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I like the local NPR with a mix of everything. Everything the world has to offer, but especially Western North Carolina


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not really a radio station, but this is what i listen to: