The Grim Reaper


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I've been working a bit on the entry I made in the Stencyl Jam, The Grim Reaper.

I've uploaded a new working build to Gamejolt, you can download the new Alpha Build for Windows here:

I'll upload a Mac build on the weekend, once I've gotten around to importing it + extensions onto my mac.

Mac build has been uploaded, I have to upload a new PC build since I forgot to enable the dialogs in the final scene.

In this game you act as the Grim Reaper and you possess and kill people in various ways, with guns, knives, scissors, electrocute in a bathtub, shove people into fridges or stoves, grab people and bash them into walls, burn them in sinks filled with hot water, etc.

It's still fairly early, and the graphics / content etc are all a work in progress, but there are 4 tutorial and 1 gameplay level pretty complete - it is a complete working demo at the moment (with the exception of sound / music).

Update includes:

- Upgraded / improved graphics.
- Storyline.
- Improved performance / optimization.
- Bugfixes.
- Added 4 tutorial scenes.

Any and all feedback is welcomed.


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Sounds interesting.  I'll try and check it out tonight if I can.

Any screen shots to share?


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Just followed the link (on my phone, can't play) I actually played this for quick minute during the jam but the controls were not working for some reason.  I'll look into it again

I'll hit you up on gamejolt too  :)



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Here are some updated screenshots - the graphics are works in progress but a definite improvement over what I submitted in the game jam.

Link with "high res" images

There should be no bugs / performance issues in this build.

What I'm working on now is trying to figure out a "node" based waypoint system, having vehicles and civilians follow routes etc.

Keys are W S A D to move.
E to pick up drop items.
Right click to possess / drop somebody.
Left click to use an item while equipped.

The mechanics are covered in the new tutorial stages.