Alex Johansson - Programmer/Designer/Artist/Educator Available for Freelance!


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Hey Folks, my name is Alex Johansson and I'm a games developer based in Cambridge, UK.

I've been building games for over 5 years primarily using the software Stencylworks.
I've built around 80 different games over that period of time.

I've also had 2000 hours of experience teaching the software to 7-24 year olds.
I give educational consultancy and produce curriculum content as well as running workshops.

My export capabilities include iOS, Android, Flash/HTML5 and Desktop.
I also build custom controllers using Makey Makey, check out my Youtube channel for more content.

Here's where you can play some of the games I've made:

Get in touch via alexjohansson at hotmail dot or via Twitter
I'm currently open to doing freelance work, be that working on a project or Stencyl Tutoring. Get in touch!

Here's what some of the press have said about the games I've built:

"Johansson has produced a unique, multi-faceted game
offering two different but equally appealing experiences
well worth your time."


"Pinball is dead, long live wormball.
It’s everything you love about pinball,
except 100% more disgusting and with
dancey music included."

Rock Paper Shotgun

"Morse’s salvation, then, is its code.
For all the power that you wield in the game...
and there sure is a lot of it...
you cannot simply make things happen
on a whim because Morse code is complicated."



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