Basic Problems - Can't get started


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Hi everyone,
 I am following the tutorials exactly but I have 2 problems:

1. I want to create a game for smartphone, ios and android. when I put in the settings it says to use for mobile, it switches to android - fine. yet when I do something as simple as adding a background to a scene and go to test it like the tut says, I get 'encountered errors while building your game'.  In fact I get this msg no matter what I try to do. what basic thing am I missing?

2. when the tutorials choose 'when updating' block it changes to 'always'. I don't get that, my block still says 'when updating'. what??

Really basic problems but I can't even get started without fixing these. thanks.


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first of all you should ask this in Questions, this thread is supposed to be about games.

1. Have you tried testing you game on flash? its the easiest way to test. I always test on flash during development. I haven't tested on android device before, But have you looked at the stencylpedia to see what you need to set up before you can test on device.

2. The always thing is from an older version of stencyl, don't worry about it, it still functions in the same way.


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Ya "Always" is just the older versions "When Updating" and like colburt says flash testing is the easiest way of going about learning. I had full intentions of building an RPG game i've been designing on paper first until I understood the knowledge which must be acquired before attempting a feat such as that. Rome wasn't build in a day! Baby steps!