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FREE Book: Creating Games with Stencyl - Level 01


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Chapter 01 - How to download Stencyl
Chapter 02 - How to install Stencyl    
Chapter 03 - How to create a shortcut for Stencyl    
Chapter 04 - How to create a new game in Stencyl    
Chapter 05 - How to create a Scene    
Chapter 06 - How to test a Scene
Chapter 07 - How to duplicate a Scene
Chapter 08 - How to save the Game Project
Chapter 09 - How to close the Game Project
Chapter 10 - How to open the Game Project
Chapter 11 - How to set the Starting Scene of the Game
Chapter 12 - How to diplay a Text on the Screen
Chapter 13 - How to position an Element on the Screen
Chapter 14 - How to use Variables
Chapter 15 - How to create an attribute
Chapter 16 - How to use an attribute
Chapter 17 - How to use the "When Creating" Event
Chapter 18 - How to Use the "When Updating" Event
Chapter 19 - How to remove Events
Chapter 20 - How to Use Mathematical Operations
Chapter 21 - How to use Mouse Events
Chapter 22 - How to disable an Event

About the book

In this book you will learn the basics about how the Stencyl works.
All exposed in a simple and step-by-step way without excess of words and explanations.
You will learn here, in a practical method, what it would take you several weeks to learn alone.

Welcome to Level 01

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Just checked it out. Great work!


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Beautiful covers! Brilliant! I will check out the book later. (I Subscribed to your channel too)


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Thanks. I no longer remember as was the mindset of who is starting, but I think this is a good introduction. Flws.