Animal Antics


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Animal Antics is a platformer where you play as different animal characters in 4 zones each with 5 levels to complete .

Progress through the 20 levels by dodging the hostile enemies and solving puzzles. Lives are unlimited with the goal to complete all the levels with the minimum amount of deaths.

The levels can be completed in any order with the lower levels being the easiest.

Controls are

Left Arrow to move left
Right Arrow to move right
Space or Up Arrow to jump
R Key to reset level if you trap yourself
E Key to escape level and try another

This is my first attempt at publishing a Stencyl game.
I started coding with scratch and progressed to Stencyl over the last year.

You can find it here

Please let know what you think of it.

CleverApple  :)

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I gave the Winter Level a try. Here is my first impressions.

- Cool art
- There seems to be a lot of variety!
- Definitely a great attempt at a first game!

- The Wolf's Movement a little slower than I would like
- When I die, the game takes a while to fade and reload. It ruins the pace and makes the game less addictive and makes me frustrated.
- The design of the game could use some work. Maybe I wasn't suppose to choose the Winter Level first, but nothing was really explained. It may be intuitive for some or most gamers to know that a snail is  hostile, but I figured it out the hard way.
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This is a great first game. I really enjoyed the variety. I found the actual gameplay a bit frustrating, though. Movement feels sluggish, especially jumping. It took me several attempts to clear what should be easy jumps. It seems like colliding with a wall stops the jump, so changing that would make it easier to navigate.


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Thank you guys for giving me suggestions I increased the jumping height to make it a bit easier however I did not adjust the  speed due to gameplay I have also decreased the death time so that you respawn quicker any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).


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Game updated.
Each character type now has different speed and jump height abilities.
Platforms are now sticky.
Difficulty level reduced on some levels.